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Colour Culture

Is the way to predict the direction of fashion in colors, is to browse magazines and watch fashion shows
First, you missed a lot; the colors of 2018 were chosen two years ago.
Second: colors are wider than fashion
 The colors are larger and more versatile. "The ideas come from everywhere. We look at lifestyles, economics and politics, so we do not stop looking around," said experts at COTEC.
We always look for ideas, and general patterns, and we think it's about summoning the whole picture. "
 It is essential to continue to follow the world's design leaders, architects, and color specialists to find out the most important developments of the colors and accordingly identify what is new about the world of colors.
The basic idea for 2018 was "appreciation".
 The appreciation is a reflection of the times when we were experiencing financial turbulence, terrorist threats and global warnings. "These problems drove us to give more appreciation to what is in our hands."
"The beauty of everyday life explains the little things around us, making cakes and strolling with children. Colors are thin, spontaneous, and green, We see it in our country and the color of the yellow sun fills it. "
The second idea is: "the proper way"
 Experts say: "Colors have always been used; to identify trends in maps, airports, and road signs. All reflected in this group in the form of basic colors neutral and clear. "
The automatic is in love with the joys of childhood, including the joy of continuous, and many surprises, and experts point to the crazy movements of small restaurants and recently opened galleries and images, and three-dimensional films and the distinctive colors such as greenery green and yellow and golden and the color of soil and the color of silt and wood Other colors.
The latter idea focuses on the nature of the world closely: the view of bacteria, or microorganisms; it is a strange world. In which art interacts with science; to come out with turquoise and saturated violet colors.
The colors of 2018 are not just about looking, experts say, "the estimate is about what is tangible, and the impacts are important for this year, it is a purely human feeling"
 As you see it more than a color.