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Love knowing colors

To love the colors you have to curiosity. Consider your day job, watch people, sit in cafes, watch the world through travel, shopping windows, navigate through the pages of fashion magazines, and watch movies. As color experts say: "If you want to get a job like my job, you need to be curious by nature."
However, their work requires much more effort: their work is to predict future colors.
As they say, "It's not just an easy task of thinking about colors, which can be wonderful. It is about finding directions. It's about trying to figure out where we're at the moment, and how to get to the next step. As well as to reflect on all kinds of events, attitudes and ideas related to nature politics - fashion, design - and try to connect them. Then think about the relationship to color? "
The idea from the very beginning was "reform." As the experts explain: In the midst of the current economic and political turmoil, we are looking forward to a return to stability and a return to realism. We also look forward to new opportunities.
 We need to reform our money, our environment and our lives. " This main idea came out, in five directions of color.
The first - "emptiness" that conveys the feelings of hope, transparency, and new possibilities, is expected to appear in blue tones, gray colors of metals. This trend is closely linked to the second trend
 The second is the "flow", which presents openness to change, ideas and flow. Pure new colors such as dark red and light purple.
Our constant interest in the environment has been expressed in the direction
 "Trust", a collection of natural brilliant colors such as: light green, golden sand. Experts say: "The whole trend is about nature, which is" realistic "and" reliable "in relation to" home ". The houses are comfortable and secure, a trend that is to emulate a safe home environment in markets and cafes.
Similarly, the idea of ​​"incompatibility" is a reaction to "exaggerated designs" that have emerged over the last 10 years.
Experts say: "Things are not complete, are the most exciting." So, we make a change in deliberately poorly designed things. No wonder this group of colors, related to nervousness, shock and include colors: such as bright crimson, bright red orange.
The last idea, the "reference", reflects the search for stability, both classical architecture, or the stimulation of feminine warmth. Experts point to the increased composition of women, as an example. The colors included in this collection include vulcanized violet, unique ribbons, and papyrus.