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Future Colours

Can the blue color replace the black and be the new black? Are classic colors the new future? Are metallic colors becoming an old fashion now? We're not talking about the latest set of narrow corridors from a designer but we're talking about desks, kitchen tables and patio chairs in other words, ordinary everyday things and backgrounds.
Powder - although it may be out of competition - it is all necessary for those who know the fashion colors such as clothing designer, and stars.
But what is the importance of color? "It shines our lives," says one marketing director of colorless architecture. "Things lack depth. Look around you, whether it's packaging or furniture, it's all a clever mix of colors. Colors are a reflection of psychological aspects, to make things more magical and attractive. Even if it is white, the person thinks about the different shades of white. "
Global events, climate change, fashion, economics - all have an impact on color predictions. For example, in the aftermath of the September 11 disaster, the search was based on security connotations, choosing safe and neutral colors such as cream and gray. Recently, we were happy to embrace more colors. Similarly, as we have made climate change and environmental affairs more aware of the natural resources of the Earth, we have begun to look for more natural and terrestrial shades of green and brown.
Previous years' predictions were based on the concept of "balance". "With the world more and more complex, we are all looking for balance," explains Ann. "The balance between our private lives and our professional lives, between urban and rural areas, natural and industrial objects, between aging and keeping young people. There are two forces equal to each other, and you need to have them all. When they meet, they find their balance. "
The concept of balance has been translated into six conflicting themes, each of which has its associated colors. For example, the engineering (strong clear colors like the blue color of the horizon) and informal (all soft-coated soft soft colors like bamboo). The aesthetic center then focused these trends and colors on inspirational colors and inspirational ideas for the market sector - such as architecture, decoration and furniture.

Color is an important element, because we live in a visible world. Colors affect our mood, our choice, and our opinions without realizing. Experts say: "We choose the colors that are appropriate for the times we live in." (Think of all colors with psychological effects, which are related to love, free life, and peace of mind, for example, in the 1960s). "We are looking for reassurance."
Kotik has color specialists who closely monitor the situation, but once every year, they measure and follow market trends for colors by inviting some architects, designers and color specialists to share ideas. And ends their discussion, to determine the appropriate colors for each sector, such as: architecture, electrical appliances and furniture.
Search for personal character in a fast-moving world. The item is in person when manually. He shows that one of them has been given time and thought. He refers to the increase in the handmade garment industry, as an example of this trend. The appearance of "unprofessional" colors is lost when it is not exactly coordinated like the greenish blue.
The "fast-response" approach is linked to this increasingly abysmal outlook, while recognizing that we must change the way of life to support our planet.
 No wonder its color revolves around the green color palette. In parallel.
 As a reaction to the mindset that "wants to own everything", which prevailed in recent years, there is a trend, dubbed "sharing and rent." Experts say: "This trend, involves the idea of ​​recycling materials, respect for elements. In short, the planet can not really be owned. "
This means in terms of colors, refer to the basic colors red, yellow, and blue.
Other strong trends this year have been the "unlimited" trend: a wide range of strong colors influenced by the magnificent 21st century architecture of a large, modern outlet in the concept of "strange and beautiful" , And Crimson.