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Features of powder coating

Powder is ready to use :
You can use the powder provided by the company immediately. Flesh needs to be mixed with anything else, such as solvents, or auxiliary agents.
This saves time.
Powder reduces the risk of fire :
The paint powder does not contain any solvents, which reduces the risk of the resulting fire. This saves costs, in accordance with the legal characteristics of the applicable safety, and reduces insurance premiums, as they are not regulated by flammable liquid substances
There is no waste of solvents - they are more environmentally friendly
There is no waste of solvents, which account for up to 70% of conventional liquid coatings, in terms of viscosity where these solvents, which normally volatilize during use and heating, can not be reused. Existing legislation has banned anywhere in the world the discharge of these solvents into the surrounding environment, which means that in some cases subsequent stoves are installed to dispose of solvents, which have a clear increase in cost.
No problems of disposal of effluents
Spray chambers are often used when liquid coatings are used. Overpriced substances often convert into emulsions in the water, which are directly discharged in some cases in drainage or in other cases in sediment tanks. Powder does not cause these problems, or increases the related incremental costs.
Powder helps reduce air pollution :
Any excess sprinkler powder can be reused, reducing waste that is harmful to the atmosphere.
Powder helps reduce health risks to workers :
For the powder, which contains no solvents, there is a marked reduction in the throat, mouth, and nose infections. The worker needs to wash his skin with solvents, then get rid of soap and hot water if his skin is touched with liquid paint. In some cases, special industrial hand sanitizers should be used. In general, powders do not cause inflammation of the skin, although in certain cases, certain species may interact with some individuals. Powder of the skin can be easily removed by washing with warm water.
TGIC-free powder is already available :
Concerns in recent years about the effects of TGIC, one of the substances used in powder coating, have disappeared following the development of TGIC-free products.
Also free of powder coating, provided by chromium, duo and lead.
Low processing time :
Powder treatment time is generally less than the time given for wet heating coatings, since no solvent is required, no downtime. Alternatively, powder coated material can be passed directly to the oven. This is a great savings in place and time.
Low power :
The cost decreases during heating; no energy is needed to evaporate the solvents, and to remove them from the oven.

Powder provides excellent properties for the layers :
With solvent-based systems, solvent balance must be carefully controlled, with polymerized type, conditions of use and treatment. Where the direct cause of many defects of coating layers to the improper balance of solvents. As for the powder, there will be no such conditions. In general, the excellent properties of the layers can be obtained from the cohesion and corrosion resistance through this powder compared to the extracted polymers from the liquid systems.
With powder, damaged parts can be easily repaired :
Damaged or poorly painted areas can be easily repaired before being exposed to heat, by blowing the powder easily and repainting.
With powder, less air needed, and necessary commissioning :
The air exit in any powder spraying chamber is much lower than with the solvent paint. This is useful if you are looking forward to economy, ventilation, and successive heating of work areas. Since the warmer air must be replaced in the workshops, little dust may accumulate, and little remains, from the flow of air to the workers.
Powder use 95% :
With powder, the loss of material can be maintained, when less than 5%. Reusable spray powder can be re-used, can be mixed reused powder, with raw powder; to provide up to 95% of use.
With powder, the thickness of the layer can be controlled :
The thickness of the coating layer can be controlled to a much greater degree than the conventional coating system. There are also some types of luxury powder, which has a low thickness of the layer, offered by the paints of the (Anthropon).
Powder offers a wide range of coatings and effects :
Whether it is for decoration or for functional pieces, the powder coating provides a practical solution. There are too many colors, soft feel, combinations, metallic finishes, silky glossy finishes, non-smooth, and so on. The operational properties vary from corrosion resistance to germination, etc.
Powder requires less training for workers :
Powder workers need to be trained far less than solvent-based systems.
Powder is cleaner to use :
The use of powder is a cleaner process than using wet paint. The spray chamber can be quickly and easily cleaned using a scraper or a rubber mop while the normal air exits the room. Cleaning brushes, or air hoses, should not be used for this purpose. Any loose amounts of powder can be removed outside the chamber, vacuum cleaner equipped with air-driven motor, or dust-proof.
Low cost in the plant that uses powder :
The factory that uses the powder, either manually or mechanically, is very easy to operate and low cost for any liquid, two-layer system.
Powder is flexible - easy to paint surfaces other than metallic :
Powder coating can be applied to metal surfaces. Coatings such as glass and molded molds at a certain temperature are also required for powder heating. More materials can be used where improvements are made to low-temperature bonding techniques.