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Keep the product after paint

Make a lot of thought, effort and care in the design, manufacture of products. So it makes sense to take care of it, once it's done. The powder coated products can be kept elegant for a long time,. With a few easy steps.
Many of the powder-coated products are exposed to agents, and over time may appear to them, for example: loss of gloss, tattoos, and sometimes slight color change. Regular, easy cleaning of weather impacts minimizes and eliminates dirt, Other aggregates, which damage all kinds of powder coating.
External products such as architectural coatings or exterior furniture will need to be cleaned from time to time. The number of times they are cleaned often depends on several factors, including:
• Geographical location of the building.
• Environment surrounding products, such as: marine, desert, alkaline or acidic areas. etc.
• Levels of atmospheric pollution, including salts.
• The prevailing wind, air effects, wear and tear wear, such as sand that causes abrasion.
• Environmental conditions change for a long time, during life span, such as: the effect of turning a rural area into an industrial zone, on the atmosphere, and then on paint.
Clearly, the environment in which the product or construction controls the repeated cleaning process required. With high corrosion levels, such as industrial or marine environments, regular cleaning should be repeated at least every six months.
You may not believe it at first, but protected areas can increase paint loss from exposed areas. This is because salts and other pollutants, which are wind-blown, may stick to the surface, and are not removed by rain. Therefore, these areas should be inspected and cleaned regularly if necessary.
Cleaning periods, up to 24 months maximum, can be extended in areas where the atmosphere is not dangerous, such as rural or "normal" urban environments.
Therefore, in order to actually protect the product, it is necessary to start early from the time of installation of the products, so as to ensure removal of construction materials such as concrete, plastic and paint sprayers before drying. For powder coated surfaces.
The best method of cleaning is easy: regular washing of the paint, using a solution of warm water, and a neutral detergent solution. Make sure to rinse the surfaces carefully after cleaning; to remove all deposits.
Also can use a piece of cloth, sponge, or natural soft brush.
Powder-coated sections can be properly cleaned at the same time as windows are cleaned.